Independent Press Gallery of Canada to host Conservative Leadership Debate

The Independent Press Gallery of Canada (IPG) will host a debate between Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidates on May 30, 2022.

The debate will be held on Monday May 30th from 7pm to 9pm in the P.C. Ho Theatre at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, located at 5183 Sheppard Avenue East in Toronto, Ontario. Media scrums will follow the debate.

The debate will be broadcast online by the IPG and made available for broadcast by IPG members and CPAC.

The debate will take place before a live studio audience. Details about purchasing tickets will follow shortly.

True North senior journalist Andrew Lawton will moderate the debate. An independent journalist panel featuring Derek Fildebrandt, Sheila Gunn Reid and Rupa Subramanya will also pose questions to the debate participants. All questions to the candidates will be posed by the moderator and journalist panel.

To date, the following candidates have confirmed their attendance: Roman Baber, Jean Charest and Leslyn Lewis.

The Independent Press Gallery is confident that all candidates who have been critical of the legacy media and who value independent media will participate.

Founded in 2020, the IPG is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing and advocating for independent journalists free from government influence. The IPG previously hosted a widely-viewed Conservative leadership event in August of 2020.

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